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Our Mission

We are in the people helping business.

We are in the people helping business.

Our company was started with a vision. The idea was to build a great team and build relationships with clients who are looking for something different. To define our role more broadly than just another money manager. What makes us unique is that we provide clear integrity based financial advice, personal wealth services and investment management in a seamless and proactive way. We want to be your Personal Financial Concierge.

Many financial firms can be a little intimidating. If you need something, do you go on a website, an app, call an 800 number call center? Or when you have an important question and are told – sorry we can’t help you. Our office is set up differently. Our mission is to give our clients comfort and clarity in their financial lives by building long lasting relationships.

Human Connection w/ Modern Resources

No matter how much modern technology impacts the financial industry, we believe that it is first and foremost a business about people. That is why our practice combines the best of both worlds.

Working with PCFS gives you access to modern planning tools and resources with a dedicated human advisor who will always be available to you whenever you need them. We’ll never direct you to a 1-800 number or tell you to look at a confusing website.

When you need answers or reassurance that you are making the right decisions, we are the ones who pick up the phone and talk to you.

is Our Motto

Each of the team members at PCFS is driven by a desire to ensure we are as helpful to you as possible and always making you feel empowered in your financial life.

We operate with a forward- thinking, positive mindset that is focused on what we CAN do as your advisor, trusted partner, and advocate.

We’re always looking for the chance to go the extra mile and make your life easier, so you can focus more on the things that matter to you.

Proactive Coordination of All Your Financial Needs

Our advisors invest the time and energy it takes to truly get to know you and your goals, which enables us to better identify opportunities to help you stay on track with your plan.

We will help point out what you should do and will take action and serve as the catalyst to help you get to where you want to be.

We pride ourselves on serving as your “personal financial concierge” - a one-stop-shop advisor who will coordinate many parts of your financial life and continuously connect the dots for you.

How We Work With You

Asking the Right Questions

Our discovery process is focused on asking the most pertinent and effective questions that get to the heart of what you value and envision for your financial life.

We’ll maximize our time with you to really drill down into your current financial picture, goals and aspirations, challenges, and feelings towards money, so we truly understand you and your values in an authentic way.

Shaping a Plan that Meets Your Needs

Once we understand your goals, we will structure a plan around your needs that is based on honest, objective advice centered around your best interests.

Our creativity and innovative mindset helps our team bring better solutions and strategies to the table. Our goal is for you to feel informed and empowered in your decisions.

Fostering an Ongoing Commitment to You

We view our partnership with you as a long-term commitment.

We know that change is the only certainty in life, and we will be by your side to continuously ensure that you are always getting the most out of your financial life and staying on track toward meeting your own personal financial vision.

Clear integrity based financial advice

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